What Hormones Burn Fat?

The topic of weight gain is a touchy subject because so many people start the new year with good intentions of eating less and losing weight and after a few weeks they have given up in despair. Everyone wants to be able to burn away unwanted fat and it is not surprising that fat burning tablets and liquids fly off the shelves as soon as they arrive there.

When you realize that hormones regulate every system of your body and that they control our metabolism which controls our weight, there is a need to ensure our hormones are functioning optimally.

Fluctuations in some hormone levels can contribute to weight gain, stress  and lethargy and if you have a continuous struggle with weight loss, it could mean your fat burning hormones are no longer balanced and are not able to burn away unwanted fat.

That extra stomach fat that so many of us carry is an indication of an hormonal imbalance. Lifestyle changes such as a nutritious diet, the right amount of sleep and exercise help with balancing the fat burning hormones to allow for effective fat loss.

Levels of the Fat Burning Adiponectin Decrease with Obesity

Known as a protein hormone, Adiponectin is produced in the fat cells and plays a role in the regulation of glucose in the blood and the processing of  fatty acids in the blood stream. It certainly has a role in diabetes, cardiovascular health and body fat.

Levels of adiponectin are decreased with obesity; the lower your body fat is, the higher the level of adiponectin in your body. For people battling with weight loss it can be wonderful knowing that raised levels of adiponectin can curb the appetite and contribute to calorie burning, but how do you raise these levels?

Something as simple as making lifestyle changes can change your adiponectin levels. Regular and consistent exercise certainly raises the adiponectin levels as well as the consumption of  high quality omega 3 fish oils.

Increase Levels of Adiponectin and Get a New Body

It is only natural that people want to know more about the benefits of an adiponectin supplement.  Heaps of companies are jumping onto the band wagon and offering these supplements, but research will show that they have only been tested on animals and not on humans.

Isn’t it time you got yourself a new body?  In order to lose weight you will need to look at increasing your adiponectin levels. Apart from having your metabolism improved and having your body use fat reserves for energy, you are bound to enjoy a boost of energy too.

Increasing your adiponectin hormone levels can be done in several easy ways:

Remember that if our hormones are to function optimally, they will need to receive the right foods along with exercise to stay primed. Every effort must be made to lower stress levels too and to get enough sleep.  Natural products such as Raspberry Ketone Extract which contains adiponectin, assists with protecting the  immune system and ultimately leads to eliminating harmful diseases like diabetes.

Supercharge Your Fat Burning Hormones

When you think that fat burning hormones are activated by regular sleep, regular exercise and regular nutritious meals, it is amazing to think that we all have it in us to accelerate weight loss by simple lifestyle changes and bring out that thinner body in all of us.

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