Leptin Hormone: The Greatest Tool Against Obesity?

What is the Leptin hormone?

Leptin is a hormone produced in the fat cells of the body known as adipose cells. It is also referred to as the satiety hormone or the starvation hormone. It works by targeting a part of the brain known as the hypothalamus.

Leptin functions by signaling the hypothalamus that one has enough fat stored in the body, it also signals that one does not need to eat. This means that it plays a major role in the regulation of energy in the body.


This is because it is able to affect the calories that one eats or expends and also how much fat is stored in the body. It is a very important hormone in prevention of over eating and starvation.

This is because high levels of leptin signal the brain that one has a lot of fats stored and needs to eat less preventing over eating. On the other hand low levels of leptin in the blood signals the brain that there is less fat and one needs to eat more, in this process it prevents starvation.

What is Leptin resistance?

Sometimes the brain is unable to detect high levels of leptin in the blood. Especially in obese people, these people have a lot of fat stored in their bodies which means the leptin levels in their blood should be quite high.

However, in some cases these people are unable to stop over eating because the brain does not notice the high levels of leptin. This phenomenon is what is referred to as leptin resistance.

Because the brain is not able to receive the leptin signal it automatically thinks that one is starving. This will lead to the brain changing the body’s physiology and one’s behavior.

It signals one to eat more and use less energy resulting in more fat being stored in the body. It also leads to one feeling lazier due to less energy being expelled.

This therefore means that eating more and doing little or no exercise sometimes is not a matter of ones will, but rather it is due to leptin resistance.

How to beat leptin resistance?

One of the best ways to know if one is leptin resistant is to evaluate where most of the body fat lies in their bodies. If most of the fat seems to be around the belly then one can be leptin resistant.

There are various ways of overcoming leptin resistance. This includes reducing diet induced inflammation. You can achieve this by avoiding highly processed foods.

This is because they compromise the health of your gut and can lead to inflammation. Also eating soluble fiber protects you from obesity and at the same time improves the health of the gut. Doing exercise constantly can also be a great tool in helping to reverse leptin resistance.

Sleep greatly affects the functioning of leptin in the body. It is important to ensure that you get enough rest in order to allow the leptin levels in your blood to stay in check and also to allow the brain to notice it.

High levels of triglycerides in the body greatly prevent the transport of leptin in the blood and into the brain. It is therefore important to lower the level of triglycerides in the body by consuming less carbohydrates.

It is also important to include proteins I your diet which causes n almost automatic loss in weight. This means it increases the sensitivity of the brain to this hormone. Some sites sell supplements to reverse leptin resistance like this one and there is evidence that they might work.

What is Leptin diet?

A leptin diet is one where several measures are put in order to ensure there is no leptin resistance and that the body functions at its best.

Some of the rules in a leptin diet include no eating after one has had dinner, only eating three meals in a day, eating smaller portions of food, including proteins in breakfast and lastly reducing the intake of carbohydrates.


These rules play a very important role in the reversing of leptin resistance and also boosting the brains ability to accurately tell the levels of leptin in the blood.

Apart from that proper rest is included in the entire diet process making sure that the brain functions at its best in order to send the correct signals. This type of diet has become very important in the battle against obesity, and also plays a major role in good weight management.

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