How to Decrease Ghrelin Levels?

Ghrelin StomachSticking to a diet isn’t easy when you are someone who thoroughly enjoys eating. Hunger is a sensation experienced when you haven’t eaten for a while, but it can be devastating for slimmers when the sensation of hunger is with them constantly.

But what is responsible for this hunger and can anything be done to rather have a sensation of satiety? In contrast to the likeable hormone leptin,  which reduces appetite, ghrelin enhances appetite. So ghrelin is the guilty hormone which works hand in hand with your brain to signal that you are hungry. It makes sense then to manage the way we eat in order to keep our leptin levels optimal.

Skipping Meals Increases Ghrelin Levels

Dieters will be alarmed to know that ghrelin levels actually rise when a person skips a meal or restricts calories too much.  By eating  regularly and eating the right foods, you will avoid those diet hormone spikes that trigger the need to eat uncontrollably and to sit with the unwanted weight gain.

The size, frequency and composition of your meals will certainly have an effect on your leptin and ghrelin levels.There isn’t an easy way out yet, although there is a vaccine which keeps ghrelin from reaching the brain where hunger is stimulated. It has been tested on mice but not been tested for humans yet.

There are also a number of drug companies who are working full out to develop a pill that decreases ghrelin levels and makes it easy for you to say no to second helpings.

Dieting and Rapid Weight Loss Increase Ghrelin Levels

Unfortunately many overweight people have built up a resistance to leptin’s appetite suppressing effects. Before you eat, your ghrelin levels are high, so in order to not feel hungry all the time and to lose weight, the idea would be to lower your ghrelin levels.

Decreased levels of ghrelin mean less hunger and less weight and one of the ways that one can decrease ghrelin level is to encourage sensations of satiation by the foods you eat.

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The Importance of Good Nutrition in Lowering Ghrelin

There are professional nutritionists who say that our lifestyles can influence the production of ghrelin levels and that because ghrelin is secreted every four hours, to keep levels low, we need to eat every four hours. They also say that because protein takes longer to digest, it is more effective in lowering ghrelin.

Stress is another culprit associated with ghrelin production and higher body weight. Nutritionists have done their research and tell us that eating healthy natural raw foods such as fruits, vegetables and seeds along with fish, chicken and eggs and getting enough rest are essential for losing- and maintaining weight.

The Key to Weight Loss and Health


There is no doubt that our hormones hold the key to weight loss and when ghrelin and leptin are out of sync, the ability to lose weight is virtually impossible.  Those wanting to lose weight must change to lifestyle habits that optimize these hormones.

Ghrelin and leptin are hormones which tell us when to eat and when we’ve had enough. Skipping meals, poor nutrition, stress and lack of water lead to these hormones going awry and losing the ability to send out their signals. If you eat junk food or skip meals you won’t be getting adequate nutrients .  Decrease ghrelin levels the right way and enjoy weight loss and expect other bonuses like being full of energy ad vigor.

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